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STOP - Exclusive Deal For South Dublin Women Over 30 
Discover  The Only Female Transformation Program In Dublin That Burns Twice The Fat, In Half The Time!
Here’s Everything You’ll Get…
SYNERGISE: The #1 Fitness And Fat Loss Program Guaranteed To Burn The Fat And Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life!
(Or your Money Back!!)
  •  4 Weeks x Unlimited Group Coaching and Workouts with the Synergise Personal Training Team (€897 Value)
  •  4 Weeks x Unlimited One on One Nutrition Coaching, Bespoke Nutrition Plan, Meal Plans, Shopping List, Recipe Book (€297 Value)
  • 1 x  Far Infra-Red Sauna and Chromotherapy Treatment Every Week (€277 Value)
  •  Fat Loss and Accountability Action Plan (€197 Value)
  •  Synergise Transformation Success Manual €197 Value)
  •  Weekend Warrior, At-Home  and Travel Workouts and Guides (€97 Value)
  •  Synergise Members Only Private Network, Mastermind Group & Membership Site (€97 Value)
  •  Your Own Goal Setting and Tracking Software (€37)
  • 1 x  One on One Consultation and Accountability Assessment Every 4 Weeks (€97 Value) 
  •  Fitness and Strength Testing Every Month (€97 Value) 
  •  All Access Club Synergise Membership and Full Access To Private Membership Site (€127 Value)
This Rapid Fat Loss Program Has A Total Value of €2327 PER MONTH!
and regularly sells for €327 for a 4-week membership, however, you can take advantage of any one of these Special Deals 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
You're Only One Step Away From Your Own Body Transformation!
The Proven Step-By-Step System to Lose Weight
Increase Your Energy 
& Fit Back Into Your Skinny Wardrobe Once Again
(Without Having To Spend Hours Exercising or Going on a Low Fat, Low Calorie Diet!)
To my friends in South Dublin,

Hi, I'm Gregg Marsh and I want to make it my personal mission to help you finally reach your weight and fat loss goals, the same way I have already done for 1000's of other women just like you!

With my proven fat loss methods, coaching, support and accountability, it is nearly impossible for you to fail.

You just have to be ready to commit and take action on the things I educate and advise for you to do.

It's that easy, you just have to make up your mind that right now, it is your time!
Gregg Marsh
Synergise Transformation Centre
For Women Over 30
CASE STUDY: See the results from people just like you who are using my proven fat loss program.*
* Disclaimer: Not everyone will get the same results and will be based upon your individuality of fitness, level of work and ability to follow the plan set for you by your coach. It takes work to get in shape!!
* Disclaimer: Not everyone will get the same results and will be based upon your individuality of fitness, level of work and ability to follow the plan set for you by your coach. It takes work to get in shape!!
* Disclaimer: Not everyone will get the same results and will be based upon your individuality of fitness, level of work and ability to follow the plan set for you by your coach. It takes work to get in shape!!
Experience The Benefits
Unlimited Group Coaching and Workouts

Each one of our workouts lasts only 45 minutes which means they are fast, effective and will fit the busiest of schedules.  

These sessions are fully coached by The Synergise Transformation Team and are scientifically proven to help you burn more fat & tone your body faster. PLUS they will leave you feeling energized each time you leave.
(Value €897)
You will be assigned your own Nutrition and Accountability Coach

You will also receive your very own Personalised Nutrition Plan as well as regularly updated Meal Plans, Recipe Sheets and Shopping Lists. 

Who says healthy eating has to be confusing or tasteless? These meals can be prepped in just minutes, they are convenient, easy to make, affordable, and will prove to you that healthy eating can be delicious as well as nutritious!
(Value €297)
We include one complimentary treatment every  Week

The power of the Synergise Infra Red Sauna & Chromotherapy Suite has been a well kept secret amongst our members. Burn over 600 calories just by relaxing in our purpose built Sauna Suite for at least 30 minutes.

The benefits of the Infra-Red Sauna include Detoxification, Relaxation, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Improved Circulation and Skin Purification. The effects are accentuated when you add in the Unique Light Therapy (Chromotherapy) into your treatment session.
Infra-Red sauna technology can help purify your skin by eliminating toxins from your pores and increasing circulation, resulting in clearer, softer, and healthier-looking skin.
(Value €277)

Being held accountable is how Synergise Members get such awesome results so fast...

> Daily Food Log Check-Ins
> Weekly Weigh-ins
> Weekly Body Fat Assessments
(Value €197)

Every Tip and trick that we use at Synergise to get awesome results in the fastest time possible!

All have been tried and tested with over 20 years of factual development and research.
(Value €197)

Travelling away on holiday or business? Stuck at home or missed a workout due to a hectic schedule?

No problem and no more guessing what to do in the gym or at home.....
We provide you with follow along video workouts and a fully structured at home workout so you never miss the chance to burn fat 24/7
(Value €97)

Exclusive LIVE Video Training, Nutrition and Food Log Reviews.

This Members Only Private Network also has Webinars, Seminars, Workout Videos, Recipe Hacks & LIVE Cooking Videos and much much more...
(Value €97)

Using Your very own Tracking Software which is accessible stored from your Phone, Tablet or Desktop, allows you to see all of your data updated each week, including...

> Weigh-ins,
> Body Fat Analysis,
> Progress Photos
> Body Measurements

Most important of all, you are able to review your goals and make sure you are on pace to smash them once and for all!
(Value €37)

You will meet up with your Nutrition & Accountability Coach every month

You will present your monthly tracking scores and you will have a chance to ask any questions that you have personally with your Personal Coach. You will also get your updated Body Measurements, Body Fat Assessment and Transformation Pictures.
(Value €97)

If you are NOT assessing then you are just guessing!

Your Fitness and Strength Program is specially designed upon your goals, wants and needs.
Each month we design new workouts and it's important that you are being assessed on a regular basis so that we can be certain that the program is right for you and also to see the amazing progress you make as well as improvements in your fitness and strength!

As part of The Synergise Fitness and Strength Assessment, you will complete specific tests including the following:
Waist To Hip Ratio
Waist To Height Ratio
Flexibility Test
Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Upper Body Strength
Lower Body Strength
Core Strength and Endurance
Postural Endurance
(Value €97)

Want to get in extra workouts. Want a bit more flexibility in your training schedule? No Problem.... 

You will have access to our 5000 sq ft Ultra Modern purpose built Members-Only Private Training Facility.
Synergise is designed like no other facility in Dublin, or in fact in Ireland. All the equipment has been specially designed to help you get maximum results in the shortest time. 
We have full shower and changing facilities and an atmosphere that other gyms can only dream of.
Also no queuing for any equipment, machines or floor space, oh and we also have a 30m indoor sprint track in case you fancied a bash at our infamous prowler runs....
We are open 7 days a week and most days from 05:45am......

(Value €127)
Why Choose Synergise 
Transformation Centre?


You're not joining a gym, you're joining a family and a community of like minded people that will give you the positive support and accountability you need to succeed.


We make it affordable so that anyone can afford to be healthy. Synergise Membership is a fraction of what it would cost to hire a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and you get a whole lot more.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason during the first 28 days, just let us know and we will issue a refund, no questions asked.


Here, you are not just a number. We make it our mission to hold you accountable and make sure that you reach your goal.
Look At These Amazing Results From 
The Synergise Transformation Solution
Frequently Asked Questions
Where are you located?
Synergise is a Specialist Personal Training & Weight Loss Centre for Women Over 30, with a focus on exercise as well as a bespoke nutrition plan, you will see amazing results in just a few weeks.
How can I get hold of you if I have a question?
Please send an email ===>
What is your 2019 Group Transformation Workout Schedule?
Monday:  06.00am, 09.30am, 7.00pm
Tuesday: 06.00am, 09.30am, 7.00pm
Wednesday:  06.00am, 09.30am, 7.00pm
Thursday:  06.00am, 09.30am, 7.00pm
Friday:  06.00am, 09.30am
Saturday:  09.00am
Sunday:  09.00am
If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
Yes, we have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to your fitness level.
Does it include a nutrition plan too?
Yes, we will tell you exactly what and when to eat so you can easily reach your goals.
What's the difference between this and Weight Watchers, Slimming World or any of the other popular weight loss programs?
Weight Watchers, Slimming World etc.  are designed for just slow general weight loss over a long period of time without any exercise or accountability. A lot of people regain weight as soon as they stop these calorie control regimes. 

Our program is 100% designed to maximize fat loss in an environment that is a fun, effective way and holds you accountable to your goals, You will improve your health fitness and any medical concerns you have through our expert health and lifestyle coaching...

Here’s The Full Deal…
SYNERGISE: The #1 Fitness And Fat Loss Program Guaranteed To Burn The Fat And Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life!
(Or your Money Back!!)

  •  4 Weeks x Unlimited Group Coaching and Workouts with the Synergise Personal Training Team (€897 Value)
  •  4 Weeks x Unlimited One on One Nutrition Coaching, Bespoke Nutrition Plan, Meal Plans, Shopping List, Recipe Book (€297 Value)
  • 1 x  Far Infra-Red Sauna and Chromotherapy Treatment Every Week (€277 Value)
  •  Fat Loss and Accountability Action Plan (€197 Value)
  •  Synergise Transformation Success Manual €197 Value)
  •  Weekend Warrior, At-Home  and Travel Workouts and Guides (€97 Value)
  •  Synergise Members Only Private Network and Mastermind Group (€97 Value)
  •  Your Own Goal Setting and Tracking Software (€37)
  • 1 x  One on One Consultation and Accountability Assessment Every 4 Weeks (€97 Value) 
  •  Fitness and Strength Testing Every Month (€97 Value) 
  •  All Access Club Synergise Membership (€127 Value)
28 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
You're Only One Step Away From Your Own Body Transformation!
Secure Your Space Today 
Membership to 
The Synergise Transformation Solution 
P.S. Four weeks from now you could be 6-18 lbs lighter, full of energy and feeling great about yourself or you could still be struggling along on your own trying to lose weight and get results. 

P.P.S. Can't wait to see you in Synergise. I know you are going to love it!
* Disclaimer: Not everyone will get the same results and will be based upon your individuality of fitness, level of work and ability to follow the plan set for you by your coach.
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Synergise Membership Terms & Conditions
By reading these terms and conditions and paying for your first 28 days membership you are accepting and agreeing to the terms and conditions as laid out below.

All queries regarding membership should be addressed to the Admin Manager via email

Please note and be aware that all Synergise Memberships are automatically renewed every 28 days.

CANCELLATION POLICY: For 4-Weekly Recurring Memberships: 28 Days notice in writing is required for all cancellations and must be emailed in advance to the Admin manager

Please be aware that if you cancel your membership and return at a later date then you will automatically be subject to the current pricing structure at the time of renewing your membership, this includes any price or fee increases during your time of cancellation.

If you agree to a 1 Year Commitment Membership then there is no cancellation facility within the 1 Year period. Failure to maintain your 1 year agreement will entail a penalty payment equal to 4 weeks membership at your current rate.

USAGE POLICY: Synergise operates an Unlimited Usage Policy and no sessions are carried forward after each block of 28 days.

FREEZING POLICY: Re-Occurring Memberships may only be frozen subject to at least a minimum term of 6 months prior membership and then only upon medical grounds and with a valid certified doctor's report. Synergise Coaching Limited reserve the right to deny freezing of any membership and then only for the minimum term of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months.
There is a Freezing Fee of 25% of your membership fee to reserve your place. Please be aware that there is NO facility to pause, hold or freeze for member holidays, the membership is Re-Occurring unless canceled with 28 days notice.

REFUND POLICY: The "No question asked 28-day refund guaranteed" is only valid during the first 28-day cycle, after this period there is no money back or refunds of any memberships.

PAYMENT POLICY: All membership payments are collected automatically every 28 days after your initial membership payment. Should you payment card expire or be declined in any way then Synergise Coaching Limited reserve the right to re-submit your membership fee payment request with 7 days of any failed payment, should your payment be declined further then we will automatically add an additional fee of €50 onto your current payment cycle.

MEMBERSHIP AND CLIENT BEHAVIOUR POLICY: It is a condition of membership of Synergise Transformation Centre that all members will portray a decent level of behaviour at all times with in the club. Obnoxious, abusive or inappropriate behaviour within the club facility, directed towards any member of the Synergise Coaching Staff or to any Synergise Member will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Abuse of this policy will lead to the immediate termination of membership without notice and any refund of monies will be subject to Management decision which will be final.
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